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次の英文と同じ意味になるように、(   )内に適切な関係代名詞を入れなさい。
(1) I got a perfect score on the test, and it made me happy.
= I got a perfect score on the test, (   )made me happy.

(2) She has three sons, and all of them are students.
= She has three sons, all of (   )are students.

(3)She has a sister, who often writes to her.
(4)We like the teacher, who is friendly.

(5)That is the girl for (   ) I am waiting.
(6)This is the best movie (   ) I have ever seen.
(7)The thing (   ) is necessary is to do our best.
(8)You are the only person (   ) can help me.

(9)He turned out to be novelist, (  ) surprised me.
1 it  2 which  3 who  4 whom
(10)Last night Cindy told me about her new job in Tokyo,(  ) she appears to be enjoying very much.
1 which  2 where  3 what  4 when

次の日本文に合うように、(   )に適語を入れよ。
(1) いつでも好きなときにここへ来てください。 Please come here (   ) you like.
(2) 君はどこへ行っても歓迎されるでしょう。 You’ll be welcomed (   ) you go.
(3) いつおいでになっても喜んでお会いします。(   ) you come, I’ll be glad to see you.
(4) 彼女はどんなにたくさん食べても太らない。(   ) much she eats, she never gains weight.
(5) その赤ちゃんは私を見るといつも笑う。The baby smiles (   ) it sees me.
(6) 私はどんなにおなかがすいていても、10時以降は食べない。(   )(   )I am, I don’t eat after ten.
(7) 一部の人がどんなに強く反対しようと、私たちはその計画を実行すべきだ。(   )(   )(   )strongly some people are against the plan, we should do it.



(6)However hungry
(7)No matter how