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次の(   )内の語(句)を並べ換えて、日本文に合う英文を完成せよ。
(1) この悲しい事実を肝に銘じて忘れてはならない。(1語加える)
(always, fact, have, in, mind, sad, this, to, you )

(2) 天気が良かったので,私たちは一層楽しかった。(4語選んで)
The fine day(added, enjoyed, more, ourselves, pleasure, to, we, our )

(3) それは電話帳で調べてみたら?
Why (in, it, don’t, look, the phone book, up, you)?

(4) 私たちはお城が見えたとたん、写真をつぎつぎと撮った。
We took one (after, another, caught, when, picture, Sight, we of the castle.

(5) すぐにお返事をいただければ幸いです。
(from, appreciate, we, SOon, hearing, Would, you).

(6) 彼は君にはとてもがっかりしていたよ。
He said (deeply, disappointed, in, he, was, you).

(7) 彼はよくうそを言うから,信用できない。
As he often tells a lie, he is (on, to, not, relied, be).

(8) ジョンは必要なものは全て与えられていた。
(Was, John, everything, provided, needed, with, he).

(9) 彼女はこちらから話しかけないかぎり, 口を開かない。
She never speaks (spoken, Word, unless, to, a).

(10) 家に帰る途中で交通渋滞に巻き込まれてしまいました。
On (home, our, in a traffic, we, caught, way, were) jam.

(11) 30分前に出発すればよかったのに。
You (ago, ought, started, an, to, hour, have, half).

(12) 大学生ともあろう者がそんな事も知らないとは不思議だ。
It is strange that a college student(ignorant, the, be, fact, should, of).

(13) 外に誰もいたはずがない。
(anybody, have, there, been, can’t) outside.

(14) 1時までにお皿を洗っておかなきゃだめですよ。
You(to, by, the, washing, one o’clock, finish, have, dishes).


(1) You always have to bear this sad fact in mind.
(2) added to our pleasure.
(3) don’t you look it up in the phone book.
(4) picture after another when we caught sight.
(5) We would appreciate hearing from you soon.
(6) he was deeply disappointed in you
(7) not to be relied on
(8) John was provided with everything he needed.
(9) a word unless spoken to
(10) our way home we were caught in a traffic
(11) ought to have started half an hour ago
(12) should be ignorant of the fact
(13) There can’t have been anybody
(14) have to finish washing the dishes by one o’clock